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Furniture personnel

We have been manufacturing office furniture at our own factory since 2001. Our team is proud of considerable experience in equipping offices of small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, government agencies. SALITA manufacturing complex is equipped with modern Italian, Spanish and Austrian machinery to produce high-quality furniture. Components and raw materials complying high environmental standards are used within production cycle. We offer contemporary and multifunctional furniture to realise your ideas of organizing the workspace, creating harmonious combination of functionality and compositional rationality.

Office Desks At Affordable Prices. Which type of desk is right for me?

Desks come in all different shapes and sizes depending on the individual’s requirements or how they will be arranged for a team of people in a busy office. We have included a budget friendly desk section under the Economy Office Furniture section and for those looking for something more elaborate we have some awe inspiring executive desks within the executive, glass and designer office furniture range. If you need multiple desks its worth looking through or bench desk systems as we have configured and priced combinations from two people to ten person banks, some with screen and storage options. We have a full range of desks in this section that include bench desks for open plan offices to single and wave desks that are both right and left handed. We also feature desks with different leg designs and office desks that not only have white desktops, which is a growing trend among modern offices, but also desks for commercial offices finished in wood and also other solid colours.

Free space planning service to make sure you buy the right office desks

Choosing the right desk for your office can be difficult as you want to ensure that the desks not only match the other office furniture, but also the decor. Our sales team will be more than happy to advise you so you can ensure you make the right purchase. We also have an experienced design team and offer a FREE space planning and design service so you can visualise your space before you even purchase any office desk or furniture product.

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