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Co_d (Compound) Series

Meet our new development - Compound Salita office furniture collection. "Compound" (Co_d) is a great solution for organizing a modern eco-style office. Tables on metal supports create visual lightness of space, color details add paints to stylish design. Feature of the Co_d collection - legs from the massif of an ash-tree. The advantage of this type of wood is such characteristics as hardness, durability and a special golden hue. Thanks to its use, the tables in the Co_d series have beautiful and elegant supports. Co_d is a concept of new generation office furniture - environmental friendliness, conciseness, functionality.


  • The legs of the table are made of natural ash, this species of tree is resistant to deformation, has a high degree of wear resistance, does not crumble like conifers. Its wood is hard and strong, it dries completely, which means that the furniture never cracks and it is not afraid of moisture.
  • The combined trapezoidal supports are made of a rectangular steel pipe and a tree;
  • The table-top is strengthened by cross metal traverses that allows it to maintain considerable loadings;
  • The series is made of high-quality modern materials, environmentally friendly and safe for human health;
  • The wide model range of the Co_d series allows to equip office of any area and complexity;
  • A variety of storage systems give the series additional functionality;
  • The ability to create multiple jobs on a single frame, allows, through a well-thought-out engineering solution, to effectively organize office space, as well as save money;
  • The presence of partitions between the tables - allows you to successfully equip an office type "open space.

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  • Table-top, case of curbstones, cases and facades - the laminated chipboard of 18 mm;
  • Sidewalls of curbstones and cases - a chipboard of 36 mm (18 mm + 18 mm) for convenient capture by hand, existence of handles is not required;
  • Guides in curbstones - telescopic with MULLER closer;
  • An extension adapter is mounted inside the box;
  • The top of a box can be completed with a box with an ornamental grass;
  • Thanks to the horizontal metal traverse tables are stable and can withstand heavy loads;
  • The metal frame is painted by powder-polymer technology. Powder coating is scratch resistant;
  • Supports are made of high-quality selected wood of an extra class and the 1st grade.
  • Wood - ash, has reliable performance characteristics: strength, stability of size and shape, resistance to deformation, cracking.
  • Laminated chipboard - lamination makes the board more attractive, resistant to moisture, wear, mechanical damage, temperature and chemical influences. LDSP - retains its original appearance for a long time.
  • Edge - shockproof ABS 2 mm / 0.5 mm.
  • The collection is made in modern color combinations: LDSP Olive (Swiss Krono 2508 VL) + Gotland, Graphite + Gotland.

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