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Promo Series

The universal Promo series provides you with the opportunity to design the office space in the single style, starting from the Executive’s office and to the staff working places. Due to the simplicity and laconic form, the possibility to change colours and combine the modules you can create a unique image of the office.

Due to the special design of the frame, the impression of a "floating" countertop in the air is created. At the request of the customer, the tabletops can be made of 18 or 36 mm thick. And the supports can have different shapes: T (U-shaped), Q (closed shape), R (trapezoidal shape).

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☆ The tabletop is reinforced with 2 transverse metal traverses, which allows it to withstand significant loads.

☆ The connections of the traverses to the supports are as hidden and invisible as possible, which gives the table the effect of a "floating" table top.

☆ Metal supports are equipped with adjustable feet to compensate for floor unevenness (+10mm).

☆ Thanks to this metal structure, the table is stable and unshakable!

☆ Support T (Trio) has a U-shape, pipe section 50x25 mm.

☆ Serial tabletop lengths - 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 mm. Width - 700 mm.

☆ The thickness of the table top is 18mm / 36mm to choose from.

☆ The furniture is assembled on the basis of eccentric couplers: the connection is not visible from the front side, it provides a reliable and rigid fastening.

☆ Tables can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly without losing the rigidity of the connection.

☆ Frames are painted using powder-polymer technology, paints for outdoor use. Powder coating is resistant to chips and scratches.

☆ The table top is made of laminated chipboard - the chipboard is covered with a special film on both sides. Lamination makes the board more attractive and stable. Chipboard retains its original appearance for a long time.

Technical characteristics:

  • The drawers are equipped with metal boxes on rollers of partial extension;
  • The thickness of the pedestal body is 18 mm;
  • Screen thickness - 18 mm;
  • The curbstone can be equipped with a lock in the upper drawer or put a central lock - it closes all the drawers;
  • The thickness of the chipboard tabletop and countertop table is 18/36 mm;
  • Roller supports d50 mm;
  • The curbstone is completed with metaboxes, profile handles, Samet hinges;
  • The hinged shelf is equipped with a gas lift FGV (Italy) and hinges with closers;
  • Cabinets, pencil cases and shelving: can be used with or without a frame;
  • All - chipboard 18 mm, rear wall - body color;
  • In the racks, the back wall is of an auxiliary color;
  • Facades with glass: satin glass 4 mm in a frame 20x20mm in white (if white chipboard is used) or aluminum color or a black "brush" frame with graphite glass 4 mm;
  • Removable shelves on rafiks.

Color Series

Oak Palen


Oak San Marino

Ilm Irish

Nymphaea Alba

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